UFO Sighting: Jelly Fish Shaped Object Spotted Hovering Over Waglan Island in Hong Kong
UFO Sighting: Jelly Fish Shaped Object Spotted Hovering Over Waglan Island in Hong KongYou Tube Screenshot/Scott Wari

An unidentified flying object (UFO) was reportedly being spotted hovering around the Waglan Island, Hong Kong, China on 27 March 2014. The object looked like a jelly fish and was spotted by Scott Waring at around 12:00 pm, who later uploaded the video on YouTube.

Waring was looking for weather cams in the areas of Hong Kong, when he spotted the jellyfish like craft with dangling tentacles. The craft was easily identified, even though the sky was smoggy that day.

Earlier a diamond-shaped UFO sighting in Hong Kong was reported on the night of 5 October 2013. The flying object was witnessed by Wu Xiaodong Yi, an ex-cable TV reporter. However, the same object was later confirmed to be Jupiter that was visible that night over Hong Kong, as reported by Huffington Post.

In another instance, a woman in the UK revealed that she spotted a flying saucer-shaped object hovering over her home island of Guernsey on 23 March 2014.

"There was this thing hovering in the sky. It looked as if it was spinning. I thought I was seeing things. Every now and again it went away and then came back again. I thought 'crumbs nobody will believe me' so I took a few pictures on my phone," Daily Star quoted her as saying.

A few months back, a pilot revealed of witnessing an UFO while flying towards Heathrow Airport.

In the city of Korosten city, Ukraine, a cigar-shaped huge UFO was spotted hovering on 6 March 2014. This cigar-shaped craft has given rise to speculations mostly due to its huge size.

A mother and daughter in Southern Alberta on 16 March 2014 also reportedly claimed to have spotted an UFO that flew over their home.

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