UFO Sighting: Giant Object Approaches International Space Station [You Tube Screenshot/secureteam10]
UFO Sighting: Giant Object Approaches International Space Station [You Tube Screenshot/secureteam10]You Tube Screenshot/secureteam10

A new video has surfaced, showing a UFO approaching the International Space Station (ISS). The three-minute 40-second video was uploaded on YouTube by a user named 'secureteam10'.

The footage shows a strange, circular rotating object coming close to the space station in March 2014. The sighting was reported by Mirror Online.

The video headlined 'Giant UFO approaches International Space Station (ISS)' has been viewed more than 540,000 times.

"The video was recorded directly off of the ISS Ustream video page by a regular user of the site who regularly watches the streaming live video for daily anomalies and happenings. This is monumental in the search for proof of an alien presence," reads the blurb accompanying the clip.

Several YouTube users were positive about the video. "Amazing capture on this footage!! Most certainly a curious UFO coming to check out the ISS... Anybody who disagrees is foolish!!" one of the comments read.

However, some viewers disagreed and felt the video was fake or unreal. "This is definitely not anything physical. It's just something with the camera. Some people will believe anything. I don't even know why I subscribe to this channel," a user commented.

 Check out the video here:

Many similar UFO sightings have happened in recent times. On 25 May, an alleged unidentified object, flying over the skies of London, was spotted by a person from the window of an airplane.

The incident was captured in a five-second video and was uploaded on YouTube. The clip shows a large, dark-colored disc with lights on either side. It seemed that the object was hovering above the cloud lines.

Again in West Midlands, United Kingdom, Michele Bardsley, 35, a mother of three, saw mysterious lights that emerged in the skies above her home. The strange phenomenon was captured in a 40-minute video on the night of 10 January.

"I was painting upstairs then went to the back door for a cig. I looked up and there were these shapes, like orbs, in the sky. I looked up and there were these shapes, like orbs, in the sky. They didn't look like stars, or planes or helicopters, they were just hanging there. I thought I'd had a few too many rum and cokes!" Birmingham Mail quoted Michele as saying.

Meanwhile, in another incident, an alleged UFO was spotted hovering around the Hinckley area, United Kingdom. The object was spotted by a man, who reported the sighting to the Leicestershire UFO Investigation Network (LUFOIN), according to Hinckley Times.