UFO (Representational Image)
UFO (Representational Image)Reuters

A fast moving object, believed to be an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) resembling an aircraft, was spotted entering Mexico's Popocatepetl volcano on 30 May.

A video footage by Mexican media company Televisa shows a craft moving with considerable velocity and slowing down as it approaches close to the volcano before finally making a deliberate crash landing.

According to a Huffington Post report, the footage was taken at around 8:30 pm on Thursday. The company claimed they had placed the camera in the location to capture the daily conditions around the smouldering volcano.

After the footage went viral online, Huffington Post contacted Marc Dantonio, the chief photo and video analyst of the Mutual UFO Network who was contracted by the US Navy, Congress and the Joint Chiefs of Staff in Washington, to check the authenticity of the video.

Stating that visuals were genuine, Marc Dantonio said, "What I think is that this is not a likely fake. I think, for the moment, this is a genuine image capture."

"This is a low light camera (which) allows the vulcanologists studying the footage to see any incandescence on the flank of the volcano in night shots. As such, any brighter lights that are captured will appear very bright, as the one planet/star indicates," he added.

However, Dantonio asserted that the footage does not prove the existence of extraterrestrial life but confirmed that the UFO was moving at an aircrafts' speed.

"When played back at normal video speeds, the object is made to appear to be moving very fast, but, in fact, it is moving at aircraft speeds if you play it at the proper frame rate for the capture," he said.

Have a look at the video below: