UFO Sighting [Representational Image]
UFO Sighting [Representational Image]YouTube

An unidentified, disc-shaped flying object was spotted hovering over the skies of Dee Why, Sydney by local residents in the wee hours of Wednesday.

The residents were out on the beachfront for their morning walk.

"I took three photos but I didn't think much more about it until I came home from work and enlarged the photo on my computer," Daily Telegraph quoted the Don Jeffery, a resident who saw the mysterious object.

"It's brighter than the sun and it looked like a disc-like object - I've never seen anything like it before. I like to keep an open mind and with all of those galaxies out there I think there must be other life."

Back in 2012, a man claimed he saw two UFOs which appeared like bright and purple lights hovering over Collaroy, New South Wales at around 5am in the morning.

Also in 2011, a Dee Why resident reportedly saw two UFOs flying over the northern beaches.

"I don't know why it's considered a hot spot to be honest, but I have wondered about underground sea bases. Unfortunately there is no proof of this, but I have conclusively seen three UFO sightings. I absolutely believe there are UFOs, but all of the (US military) research is so covert and classified," said Mariana Flynn, President of UFO Research (NSW).

Another mysterious flying lights were spotted over Mt Anna in December 2013, according to the lady who saw them.

"They were very high up in the sky, too high for a helicopter and distinctly round and definitely not a plane of any sort. They glided very fast and with no sound," she said.

Similar sightings have been reported in the recent past in different parts of the world. A UFO  was recently spotted, hovering and spinning over an iceberg of Canada, reported Mirror Online.

Some people believe that the object could be a mirage or a flag but the YouTube user, who posted the incredible video, says he saw the object spinning. Apparently, about 45 seconds after the object was spotted, another object flew down and sank into the water.