UFO Sighting: Disc Shaped Object Found Moving in Skies over Sydney (Screenshot/YouTube)
UFO Sighting: Disc Shaped Object Found Moving in Skies over Sydney (Screenshot/YouTube)(Screenshot/YouTube)

An unidentified flying object (UFO) was spotted flying over the skies of Sydney, Australia on 21 March.

A video uploaded by a YouTube user, who goes by the name "colourufo", posted a video showing a slow moving object moving in the sky which suddenly disappears into the cloud.

The one minute and 41 second long video also shows the zoomed image of the object.

The YouTube user has also added a description below the video which states, "Thank you to watch my video. Anna my visitors from Slovakia captured on camera this slow flying UFO. Anna nearly missed out this slowly flying disc shape object."

The UFO Sightings Daily has also reported about the UFO sighting over the Skies of Sydney along with the video uploaded by "colourufo".

Giving a brief description about the eyewitness and the equipment used for capturing the image, UFO Sightings Daily stated, "This eyewitness who is Lou who lives in Sydney and often has friends over to his place and they hunt UFO orbs together. He uses an infrared lens on an old Sony camcorder to record them. He is so good a this that he usually catches one per day. SCW"

Recently, Hollywood actor Russell Crowe claimed that he saw an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) flying over the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney. The actor also posted a video footage of the same on YouTube which showed a bright, pink coloured object moving across the screen.

Crowe said that he witnessed the UFO while he and with his friend were trying to capture images of fruit bats flying over the botanical gardens outside his office in Woolloomooloo, Sydney.

Have a look at the Video of UFO uploaded by "colourufo":

Check out the video uploaded by Hollywood actor Russell Crowe: