Arizona UFO
UFO spotted over Arizona Skies in July this year.Youtube grab

Even as debate on whether UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects) and aliens exist or not continues, reports of people sighting strange objects believed to be from other planets keep popping up. Now, a new report has claimed that a witness at San Antonio saw a tubular-shaped object flying so low last Sunday.

According to the witness' testimony in Case 66253 to witness reporting database Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) (via Open Minds), the tubular-shaped object was spotted flying slowly at a height of lesser than 200 feet at 9:35 p.m, 7 June. 

"The spacecraft had three solid colored lights of different colors at what appeared to be front, center, and rear," stated the witness. "The craft was so low it scared me, and being an aviation expert, my immediate gut feeling was that there were actual aliens looming right over my convertible in the opposite direction."

The witness claimed that the spacecraft was seen on returning to the road after parking vehicle for 10 minutes.

"Immediately to my right is what appears to be the same craft with a complex disk array of lights forming a sort of saucer shape banking unnaturally between Top Golf and Marriot at an altitude of 300 feet AGL," said the witness.

The witness is convinced after two UFO sightings that aliens do exist.

"Upon the second visual interception, the craft accelerated rather quickly out of the area, evading sight possibly on intent. With two strange sightings before, I am now convinced and awestruck that at least one countable alien life form is camping out on this planet. The object appears extremely similar to the May 31st, 2015 weather bug picture, so I will be the first to validate this elongated tube craft up close and personal.