AntarticaScreenshot from Google Map

A UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) enthusiast has claimed that he has found alien spaceship wreckage in the snow of Antarctica by using Google Earth.

Valentin Degterev, a self-proclaimed 'researcher of the unknown' from Nizhny Tagil in central Russia, has claimed that he saw a dark area in Antarctica when he zoomed in using Google Earth, and claimed that it's clearly hints a UFO crashing into it, according to a report by MailOnline

The satellite image, which was taken on 15 February 2012, went viral on Russian social media website VK after Degterev published it online.

"I think there is very large disc-shaped flying machine among the frozen ice," wrote Degterev on social media according to MailOnline. "I found the unique object using the online service of Google Earth in Antarctica. In among the endless ice desert, it is the most genuine UFO in its most classic shape."

He went on to claim that the dark hole measuring about "65ft (20 metres) wide and 230ft (70 metres) long" can't be explained.

"I do not presume to know exactly what it is," Degterev was quoted as saying by Express. "It is definitely not a polar station, nor a plane, as there aren't any airplanes or helicopters this big in the world. There also aren't any (Earthly) ships lost in Antarctica. It seems this is a man-made object from the distant cosmos." 

However, Andrew Fleming from the British Antarctic Survey, has told MailOnline that the alleged alien spaceship wreckage is just a crevasse.

"A crevasse is a lot of ice formed by differential movement of the ice," said Fleming. "They can be tens of metres deep. It's one large slot, nothing unusual, but they are spectacular. It's certainly not a UFO, though."

"I'd much rather come across a UFO than deal with these things!" he joked.