Unidentified flying object
A plane flies past the full moon over Budapest September 25, 2007Reuters/Viktor Ufo

Several people in Australia reportedly spotted what they believed to be an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) across the skyline on Saturday.

According to the Herald Sun, a man from Melbourne claimed to have seen an object that was speeding over Carlton Gardens at 9.30 pm on Sept 22.

"I was on Lygon St when I first saw it then I walked up to Carlton Gardens, there were a whole bunch of other people saw it as well," the man identified as Tod told the paper.

The latest reports about the UFO came a week after a man claimed to have filmed an eight-minute video of an 'unearthly' disc-shaped object that hovered high above his Albanvale house. Ivan, whose surname was kept off records, said that the object rapidly changed colours between green, red and blue, and disappeared an hour later.

Saturday's spectacle was captured by Tod in a three-minute video that he uploaded on YouTube. The video already received nearly 18,000 views since it was posted.

"It was moving like no other flying object that I'm aware exists, and it was displaying amazing patterns of lights that looked something like a light show display in the sky," he was quoted saying.

Several other people also reported the UFO sighting but cited to have seen it at different times. "Eight orange lights in a weird formation came up over the horizon, then their formation changed a bit, one disappeared and then others did," said Carlton resident Penny De La Soyo, who claimed to have seen it at 10.15 pm from her ninth floor apartment.

Dispelling the reports of the unusual sightings, Astronomical Society of Victoria spokesman Perry Vlahos said it was odd that the object was not seen first by astronomers, and therefore should be something common in nature.

"The ASV has hundreds of members - many are looking into the sky with large telescopes every clear night from various locations around the state, including Melbourne, and none of them have reported seeing anything unexpected," he said according to the daily paper.

Below is the three-minute video posted by Tod.