The European Space Agency (ESA) logo is pictured in Darmstadt January 20, 2014Reuters

A YouTube user posted a video reportedly showing an alien building that has been seen on Rosetta Comet 67P.

Joe White of Art Alien TV posted the video on YouTube with the title "Alien Building Found on Rosetta Comet 67P", on 4 December. The building shown in the video resembles that of a monastery on Earth.

White informed the International Business Times that the large building structure had and apex roof, chimney and windows. He further said that there was a raw image and negatives of it on European Space Agency's website. He also provided a link to the original image that ESA had released 17 September.

White estimates that the building might be around or more than 100 metres. His estimation was based on the size of the comet, whose length is 4,100 metres. White said that when he took a closer look, he realized he might be looking at it upside down. He rotated the image and showed it to his wife, who pointed out the resemblance of the alien building to a monastery. The couple has been addressing it as White's Monastery ever since.

White's video that he posted on YouTube is below:


The YouTube user said that there were many people who analyze structures on the comet and publish the results for the public to gain knowledge about it. White said that the results could be achieved with the help of a basic software.

Meanwhile, UFO Sightings Daily reported that NASA has been picking up signals from Comet 67P for the past 20 years. In a photo it posted on its site, one can see a glowing disk near the surface of the comet. It is the same UFO that the website had reported many weeks ago. A YouTube video made by BPEarthWatch provides further details about the disk as well as the radio transmissions that NASA traced to the comet.