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I'll f***ing fight Conor McGregor for the biggest pay in my life...

- Demetrious Johnson, after UFC on Fox: Kansas City

He might not be the UFC's GOAT at the moment, but 'Mighty Mouse' Demetrious Johnson is on course to become the greatest UFC fighter ever, pretty soon. 

Combat sport has always paid special attention to the heavyweight and middlweight divisions, largely ignoring other weight segments (except in the case of Floyd Mayweather at the welterweight and the featherweight divisions;and Conor McGregor in the UFC featherweight and lightweight divisions).

That said, Johnson, 30, who joined UFC legend Anderson Silva on the list of most successful title defenses on Saturday April 15 — after a dominating win over Wilson Reis at the UFC on Fox Kansas City event — is making heads turn, and how!

For those who are as yet unaware of this numero uno pound-for-pound UFC fighter in the world, 'Mighty Mouse' Johnson fights in the 125-pound weight category in the UFC; the flyweight division. 

Rise of the 'Mighty Mouse' 

The division in itself was never set to feature in the UFC, but one day, UFC President Dana White thought of starting a flyweight division for dwarves. He didn't. Dana did, however, finally decide on the weight division in late 2011 through a four-man tournament that culminated in Johnson becoming the champion at UFC 152 in 2012, after a split decision win over Joseph Benavidez.

Since then, the title hasn't changed hands and 'Mighty Mouse' has had 10 successful title defenses.

Despite that, Johnson continues to be a relative unknown in the UFC and the likes of Conor McGregor, Cody Garbrandt and legends Georges St-Pierre, Jon Jones and Anderson Silva, continue to be talking points among fans.

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Mighty Mouse's wife Destiny Johnson

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Johnson with his sons Tyren and Maverick

Has it all become about charisma and trash-talk in the MMA? 

Johnson's speed is unmatched in the octagon, his reflexes are as vicious as his deceptive boyish looks are, and his technique is on a different level. Yet, the 30-year-old doesn't make as much money as McGregor or Daniel Cormier. Does he just lack mic skills and charisma?

Truth be told, he does. But, that's all starting to change!

DJ's conversation from 45:25

'Mighty Mouse': The next money machine

After Saturday's fight, where he destroyed Reis in the third round via a perfectly-executed armbar submission, Johnson took the mic in the post-fight interview and press conference to shatter sterotypes and make Dana White, as well as many UFC fans, finally realise why 'Mighty Mouse' is a huge asset to the company, and should be the next undisputed money man.

"It was a good, damn night," Johnson said after the bout. "GSP and Anderson Silva were great champions, but I'm the best champion to ever step in this Octagon."


  • On the upcoming historic 11th title defense: "Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world, while I am the fastest in the UFC. Why not set the bar high with 13, 14, 15 more title defenses?"
  • On winning his tenth belt: "I'm taking this motherf**** home!" 
  • On fighting Cody Garbrandt: "If Cody comes down to 125 pounds and UFC gives a go-ahead to the fight, it's perfect. Or maybe, I'll go up to 135 pounds!"
  • On why he is the FACE OF UFC: "Always been great a company guy. I don't bash my company, I don't bash my opponents, never missed weight, never done drugs, don't beat my wife... All I do is go home and play video games...and change diapers."
  • On who he wants as his next opponent: "If you want me to pick a name, I'll say Chael Sonnen. I want a big money fight. I'll f*** fight Conor McGregor for the biggest pay in my life."
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 UFC Payouts comparison (previous two fights)

  Conor McGregor Ronda Rousey Cody Garbrandt  Demetrious Johnson
PAYOUT (USD) 3,590,000 [UFC 205] 3,000,000 [UFC 207] 200,000 [UFC 207] 40,000 [UFC on Fox: Kansas City]
  3,000,000 [UFC 202] 165,000 [UFC 193] 54,000 [UFC 202] 195,000 [UFC 197]