UFC women's bantamweight champion of the world Holly Holm has said that she is willing to wait for her rematch with Ronda Rousey for some more months, if the company decides to keep the championship match in the UFC 200 fight card. 

The former decorated pro boxer stunned the world as she became the first woman in the history of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) to defeat Rousey via a KO (knockout). Holm, 34, achieved the feat in the main event of UFC 193 in Melbourne, Australia, last month.

The talk of the town following the fight has been of an instant rematch, with several UFC fans around the world joining the chorus. Rousey, on her part, also announced earlier that she would be busy with filming after UFC 193, and would not be available until June next year.

Therefore, taking everything into perspective, it looks like UFC 200, the company's landmark event that is scheduled to take place in July, is the most likely destination for the rematch.

"If it's UFC 200, then the rematch is great," Holm told Fox Sports US.

UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta has also meanwhile revealed that negotiations are on with Holm's management team currently on whether the rematch could see the light of the day in UFC 200.

"I think it will be the biggest fight in UFC history. We certainly believe that as a company," the UFC supremo said in an interview with Sporting News. I think the world will be interested in a rematch because it was a huge upset. So many people thought Ronda was just completely invincible. To see her get beat like that was a shock. They want to see if she can come back.

"We'd like to make that fight happen in July at UFC 200. We're still talking to Holly's management team to figure out whether that works for them. We should know in the near future."

The former champion, Rousey, in her first media interaction post UFC 193, stated that she is itching for a rematch with Holm, to get the title back. 

"I need to come back," Rousey said to ESPN last week. "I need to beat this chick [Holm]. Who knows if I'm going to pop my teeth out or break my jaw or rip my lip open again. I have to f**king do it. It doesn't matter. I have to do it.

"I just feel so embarrassed," Rousey continued. "How I fought after that is such an embarrassing representation of myself. I wasn't even f**king there."