UFC President Dana White, commentator Joe Rogan, some of the fighters and fans are all disappointed by the result of the UFC 195 main event bout between Robbie Lawler and Carlos Condit.

But what are they going to do about it? That remains the big question as of now, right at the start of 2016.

UFC Welterweight champion of the world Lawler defeated Condit via a split decision on Saturday, 2 January, in the main event of the PPV at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, to defend his title for the second time.

The fifth and final round of the fight went down as one of the most brilliant five-minute rounds in UFC history, but what transpired after that has fans as well as Dana White disgruntled. Carlos Condit easily looked the winner after those five gruelling rounds. The challenger landed 176 significant strikes over the course of the five rounds, while the champion landed just 92.

Despite that, the judges ruled in favour of Lawler. While Derek Cleary and Chris Lee gave Lawler rounds 2, 3 and 5 in a 48-47 decision in favour of the champion, Tony Weeks gave Lawler rounds 2 and 5 in a 48-47 decision in favour of Condit.

"I had a 3-2 for Condit," Dana White said after the fight. "Carlos winning the first two rounds and the fourth round, while Robbie winning the third and the fifth."

UFC commentator Joe Rogan, who was doing colour commentary during the fight, has meanwhile posted a series of tweets on this. "MMA's scoring badly needs an upgrade. There's no way the 5th and 3rd rounds should generate the same score last night [UFC 195], (sic)" Rogan said.

"The idea that we continue to use boxing's 10 point must system for a completely different sport is inexcusable at this stage (sic)," he added. 

"Imagine how goofy football would be if quarters were scored as equal 10 - 9 rounds regardless of how much more scoring was done in each. Submissions and KO's will always be the most definitive ways to win fights but we should know exactly what points are based on at this stageI think MMA could also benefit from more judges scoring a huge fight, (sic)" he said on the micro-blogging site.

He also said: "3 people deciding huge championship decisions doesn't seem smart.Unfortunately the UFC has to rely on athletic commissions to overhaul the system. (sic)"

Rogan also gave a thumbs-up to the proposition of having ex-MMA fighters taking up the judges' hats.

Here is the UFC 195 main event — Lawler vs Condit — scorecard: