Conor McGregor has earned the name of being the biggest trash-talker the UFC has seen since Chael Sonnen, and the Irishman has proved again why he is indeed the best in the business of talking up trash while making his way to glory.

The UFC interim Featherweight champion of the world made an appearance on American primetime TV chat show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Wednesday night to talk about his upcoming bout with Jose Aldo in the main event of UFC 194 on 12 December at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

The five-round fight for the unification of the Featherweight title is expected to be a blockbuster event, and there could have probably not been a better PPV to bring the curtains down on the calendar year.

McGregor turned up at the show in a sparkling black jacket and talked about how influential his success has been for the Irish people, with more and more parents now keen on making their children take up martial arts. The 27-year-old also heaped praise on boxing legend Mike Tyson and admired the fact that he sleeps with a tiger on his bed. 

"Mike Tyson is the man. He was the heavyweight champ, and has a tiger as a pet," McGregor told Jimmy Kimmel and the audience present. "He was present in my last fight at UFC 189, and I really hope he is present this time as well."

Asked about adopting a tiger himself, the Irishman said he was more keen on keeping an exotic animal as a pet, like probably a chimpanzee! 

Talking about his octagon antics, McGregor said money has been a driving factor for him, and he also loves beating people up to make fat cash. "It is an extremely fun job and a great experience beating people up, because there is lots of money. You have to be there to feel the experience to go there [octagon] and be in that pure environment. It is a beautiful feeling.

"You talk to people for a lot of money, I beat people up for lots of money," the Irishman also quipped to Kimmel.

McGregor, who holds an 18-2-0 record in his MMA career, has also been giving his opponents a mouthful during fights. Asked what exactly he utters inside the cage, the UFC A-lister said: "I tell them during the fights that they fight like a baby.

"As for me, nobody has ever beaten me hard to say that you fight like a b*tch!" 

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