UEFA Champions League
Group stage is likely to be changed into two mini-super league.Reuters

The group stage of the UEFA Champions League might just have 16 clubs instead of 32 next season. UEFA is considering a major revamp in the format of the Champions League. 

This group stage is likely to be converted into two mini-super leagues. This would mean more knockout games ahead of the group stages.

UEFA is not in favour of top clubs across Europe drawing against lesser-known teams in the continent, which usually results in low viewership. 

The governing body of the elite European competition is trying to find a way in which it can earn more, and that can only happen when established clubs in Europe draw more often against each other. 

This change is expected to be a stepping stone towards a European Super League. 

UEFA is expected to announce the changes it is going to make to its flagship competition before the sale of commercial deals for the next season. 

"Uefa is in constant contact with all stakeholders, including the clubs, on all football matters. Therefore, any plans to evolve the format of our club competitions would be coordinated and negotiated together with them," a UEFA spokesperson was quoted as saying by The Guardian

He also said they have not received any concrete proposition as of yet.

"There are currently no concrete proposals on the table since we are at the beginning of a new cycle (2015-18) of our club competitions," he said. 

The Guardian also said officials from the Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool met American businessman Charlie Stillitano, who is also the chairman of Relevent Sports, which organises the International Champions Cup, in London to discuss the Champions League.