UberMOTO arrives in Gujarat
[Reprsentational Image]Reuters

If you are planning to catch an urgent ride, but don't have any of the popular cab aggregators' app on your smartphones then a new initiative by Uber should serve as a workaround. The American company is now offering "Dial an Uber".

It helps you book a cab by logging on to a website and filling basic details. Apart from booking rides, you can also view details of your trip and the driver information.

However, you would be dealing in cash while making payments.

Uber has also announced the launch of another service that lets users to book rides for their family and friends.

Currently, Dial an Uber is live in tier-II markets in India such as Kochi, Jodhpur, Guwahati and Nagpur. This functionality could potentially be extended to other cities as well.

It is easy to book app-less Uber rides, follow the steps below:

  • Use your mobile device to log on to the official Dial an Uber webpage
  • Key-in your phone number
  • Then, view details such as general cost and pricing based on the distance between your entry and exit points
  • After confirming details, you will be able to speak to the concerned cab driver over phone call
  • Pay for your ride, at the end of your trip, in cash.