Rapper Tyrese Frank aka Inlarius Frank
Rapper Tyrese Frank aka Inlarius FrankPR Handout

Rapper Inlarius Frank also known as Tyrese Frank, is a budding American rapper, who is inspired by R&B Artist Fredo Bang and XXXtentacion and country singers Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan.

Born January 16, 2004, Tyrese Frank rose to fame with his first single Oouuh in February 2019, in which he said the phrase "Oouuh I'm Knowing that's not what you meant to do." This expression was regarding his only uncle being imprisoned in late 2018. In an interview, he said that he wouldn't have made it this far without his only uncle. In 2019, he became the only verified artist in Beaumont, Texas

He was born in Beaumont, Texas and attends Westbrook High School. He always wanted to be an actor as a young child, but later changed his view and thought about rapping, which he does very well with now. Inspired by R&B Artist Fredo Bang and XXXtentacion, and country singers Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan.

Tyrese Frank began rapping in the shower in his Beaumont, Texas Home. Rapper EinerBankz met him and introduced him to various other artist. His first single Oouuh, which was written by him, was recorded in Beaumont, Texas. Since he was an African American, he felt his music career would go nowhere.

In 2019, he declared himself an Independent Artist in an 102.5 Radio Station Interview in Beaumont, Texas and recorded Upon Pain, which was covered by himself and a few friends. He still wants to be signed by Atlantic. However, he knows it will take time.

He continues to reside in Beaumont, Texas with a Net-worth of 250 Thousand, Frank also stated in a local 102.5 Radio interview he probably will forever reside in Beaumont, Teaxs Just with a few body guards whenever fame decides to approach him, while he chuckled.