Season 3 finale of "Tyrant" will be aired by FX on Wednesday, Sept. 7
Season 3 finale of "Tyrant" will be aired by FX on Wednesday, Sept. 7Facebook/Tyrant

The thrilling Season 3 of FX's "Tyrant" is coming to an end with Wednesday night's episode 10 titled "Two Graves." As the title suggests, the finale episode is expected to be a fatal one for some prominent characters.

The grim and slow turn of events in the penultimate episode of last week almost guarantees that the finale is going to be epic. However, it was quite heartbreaking to see Daliyah (Melia Kreiling) learning the hard way that her trust in Bassam (Adam Rayner) was misplaced. We even witnessed Barry visiting her in prison, when Molly (Jennifer Finnigan) forced him to choose between his mistress and his dead daughter.

It is clear that Daliyah is not willing to let go of Bassam's choice, just because of the situation he was in. She had the opportunity to flee Abbudin (Fares Fares) and her son, but she chooses to stay because she had assumed Barry's love would keep her safe. With his choice Bassam proved this is not the case. The couple will be at the crossroads in the relationship in the season 3 finale.

Meanwhile, in the political front, Barry and Molly are in brink of a war against the Caliphate and it might develop into a bloody one soon enough. Many viewers predict the finale to end with Barry winning the war, but losing Molly and his gay son Sammy (Noah Silver).

The official synopsis for "Two Graves" reads:

Barry and Molly are on the brink of war with the Caliphate; Leila makes a bold political move; Barry and Daliyah come to a crossroads in their relationship; the conflict in Abuddin threatens to turn into a bloody civil war.

 Don't forget to watch Season 3 episode 10 of "Tyrant" titled "Two Graves" on Wednesday, Sept. 7 via FX and FX Now. You can watch it in India at 11am on Thursday, Sept. 8 via COLORS Infinity.

Meanwhile, fans are already worried about the show's renewal. Considering "Tyrant" has respectable ratings and a strong fan-base, FX is expected to renew the show with Season 4. Although the official announcement is yet to be made, fans can expect Season 4 episode 1 to be aired on June 28, 2017 or July 5, 2017.