Tyga and Kylie Jenner's relationship is already in the spotlight for various reasons. And now, you may think that the rapper has another issue brewing up with Zayn Malik apparently flirting with his girlfriend on social media. Well, that's not the case.

The former One Direction member recently broke up with his girlfriend Perrie Edwards -- via a text message -- after dating for three and a half years. And if the latest reports are to be believed, Malik is making the most out of his newly-attained single status.

Malik is apparently trying to seek Jenner's attention as he took to Twitter and liked a photo of the reality star. However, some reports have pointed at the fact that the singer has only liked a total of 10 tweets ever, and the 17-year-old Jenner's photo is one of them.


According to Hollywood Life, Malik has always had a thing for the youngest Jenner and apparently, this crush was there even when he was with Edwards.

"Zayn has a huge crush on Kylie. He thinks she is absolutely the sexiest girl in the world and is always checking out her Snapchat videos. He was into her even while he was still with Perrie. They met once a while ago through Harry [Styles] and Kendall [Jenner], but she was young and it was very brief. Since then, she's grown into an incredibly stunning girl, and Zayn has definitely noticed," a source said.

But Jenner's 25-year-old rapper boyfriend remains unthreatened by the move Malik has been making towards his girl. "Unfortunately for Kylie, Tyga doesn't really get too jealous. If anything it gets Tyga excited that other dudes are crushing on his girl. He sees how Kanye handles other guys hitting on Kim and he wants to handle it the same," a source said.

"He feels like it's a compliment. He wants other guys to be jealous of what he has. Tyga isn't threatened by other guys coming onto Kylie. Zayn can crush on her all he wants cause at the end of the day she comes home to Tyga," the source added.

Well, it looks like Tyga is quite cool with the idea of Zayn Malik hitting on his girlfriend Kylie Jenner.