Angry toddler scolds parents
Two- year-old scolds her parents for laughingScreenshot/Youtube

An Irish family was in for a lot of trouble, when their two year old daughter caught her parents laughing during her soulful rendition of "Let it Go" from Disney's "Frozen".

The little performer gets angery and warns her parents that if they keep up this habit, no one would sing for them ever again, especially her mother who cannot help but laugh more at her daughter's outrage, .

The video begins with the two-year-old Skye Gracey from Belfast singing the famous song "Let it Go" from "Frozen" at her father's behest until she sees her mother giggle.

"Will you stop laughing?" Gracey asks sweetly, as her father tries to convince her that the mother is not laughing.

The tiny tyrant runs to her mother and warns her that she is going to chock if she laughs at her. The mother, obviously learning her lesson, apologises for her behaviour as Gracey pokes fingers while reprimanding her.

Running back to her mark, she starts over, before noticing that her mother is back with her antics. As the toddler gets angrier, her mother's laughter just keep getting louder and uncontrollable.

Hilarious and scary in equal parts, the little miss warns her mother, wagging her finger, "nobody's ever going to sing for you again," she threatens. "Is that what you want?" she demands, stalking around the room in frenzy.

Her mother apologises over and over in between her fits of laughter

"Do you want to be sent to your room to go to sleep by yourself? And no one will ever see you again and you'll go on the naughty step and the man will take you away? That's what you wanna do? The man is gonna shout. Well it's you gon' hurt yourself like that," Gracey reprimands her mother once again. 

The Youtube video, which was posted by gracm8 on 11 September has gone viral with over 48,72,340 hits, with the viewers falling in love with the toddler's adorable fury made especially cute by her Irish accent.

Lesley Lopez posted, "OMG, She is TOO cute! This just made my day", while Amer Reggie said, "I'm going to bust you!! JUST DIED LAUGHING!!". Darren McDaid was very impressed by her way with words: "That's brilliant, she's a very well spoken wee lady too."

Users like Nirdosh Upadhayay are even rallying to get her to the Ellen Degeneres Show: "+TheEllenShow you gotta bring her on..made me laughed so hard".  

After all, Ellen has a habit of bringing children from Youtube and make them even more famous.