Radio Mirchi's YouTube show, OMG- O Maa Go has used the same formula the Hindi film industry had used for generations. Dress a man in a woman's costume and watch the film become a hit. Recently, it was Ayushmann Khurrana's hit film, Dream Girl which had proved the theory. Although the film had messed up its sequences with the inclusion of homophobia, islamophobia, nothing could stop it from being a bankable film. 


O Ma Go added its own elements in the one minute YouTube series, where mother Sarala played by RJ Somak, gets annoyed with her son played by RJ Agni and always compares his nasty habits with the father played by Mir, an RJ, comedian, actor, anchor, former newsreader and now the head of Radio Mirchi Kolkata.

RJ Somak, who had previously worked in Anjan Dutta's film, Dutta Vs Dutta, had gained more fame amongst the youth of Kolkata for his performance as mother Sarala. Sarala is a woman who struggles to understand millennials, and since she has been raised in a different conservative manner, it becomes shocking for her to accept when son...RJ Agni, who is fondly called Babu, behaves differently, much like the way we do in front of our parents.

'Jibon ta amar koyla hoye geylo' (My life is as dark and finished like koyla),

'Ma shojjho kore niyeche, bou kintu shojjho korbe na' (Mother has tolerated your non-sense, you wife won't),

These are some of the popular dialogues for which mother Sarala gained fame (and of course for her dramatic cries).

Now what made OMG a hit series.......

OMG unabashedly shows us everything wrong with our family, be it the angry mother or the over-confident son, or the father who couldn't care less. It's mainly the account of the ever-crying, shrill mother who keeps us occupied, even if it for only one minute. It's not necessary for a show to be one hour long, even if it takes only two minutes it has to be something that's relatable.

It's a known fact that artistes are paid lesser than those who work in tech, its shows such as OMG that remind us of the importance of bringing theatre, short films, web-series, in our life. One can live without food for a day, but it is absolutely impossible to live without entertainment, even if it is a reflection of a conversation that happened with you in the morning.

Season 2 begins...the son resigns from his mundane job........

During the toughest of times what the son sought for, was not the purse of his parents, but their love and support. We have been wrongly told that it is our job which defines us, but OMG in its minute-long mini-series proved that it is our priorities and choices which structure a better definition of what we are as humans. 

A lot of things happened within the 56 episodes of O Maa Go. Babu resigned from his job, the mother stood by his son when he decided to quit his job in Delhi to stay closer to his family. Eventually, he found a job in Kolkata a new story started.

In the midst of everything, the bickering between mother and son, father and mother, mother versus father and son continues, and it wouldn't be a completely bad idea if you want to binge-watch this series with your parents.