Residents in Dubai were pulled to a state of shock last week when they witnessed two moons in the night skies. Photographs of these two moons in the skies soon went viral on online spaces, and it made many people believe that Nibiru, the rogue planet is currently in its collision course towards the earth. 

Planet X fear gulped Dubai

Several conspiracy theorists believe that Nibiru is a rogue planet that has been lurking in the edges of the solar system for several years. According to these conspiracy theorists, this planet will one day hit the earth and will result in doomsday. As two moons appeared on Dubai skies, many people claim that the worst fear of conspiracy theorists is going to turn true soon. 

In the meantime, a section of other people connected the dual moon appearance to extraterrestrials. These people claimed that the objects that appeared in the skies could be giant alien motherships. 

Two moons in DubaiUAE Media Office

Authorities explain the phenomenon

And now, the truth behind the viral two moon mystery has been solved by the authorities themselves on the day the United Arab Emirate's Mars probe Hope entered orbit around the Red Planet. 

The moons that appeared in the skies of Dubai were actually the projection of Phobos and Deimos, Mars' natural satellites in the sky, revealed Dubai officials. 

"The Mars Mission is one of the biggest challenges of the country's history and one of the boldest initiatives of the UAE: conquer space. So, to create awareness about this important fact, there's nothing better than bringing the two moons of Mars to Earth," said Khaled AlShehhi, a spokesperson of the UAE government office. 

Authorities revealed that these two moons were hoisted up by two 100m cranes and projected on a 40m screen using highly advanced technology. In the night time, the cranes were virtually invisible, and it actually created confusion among netizens. 

With its Hope Mission, the United Arab Emirates will also join the Mars race along with global powers like the United States, Russia, China, and India. UAE's Hope mission will not land on the surface of the Red Planet, instead, it will spend time in orbit, studying Martian weather patterns.