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Jennifer Lake (L) and Rosie ClaytonInstagram

American retail pioneer Geraldine Stutz once said: "Fashion says 'Me too,' and style says 'Only me.'" While we couldn't agree more, considering everyone has their own unique ways of styling fashion products, there is a case that has confused many on the internet.

Two Chicago fashion intagrammers have accused each other of copying their style and as a matter of fact, the images on their accounts do look very similar. Jennifer Lake, who is very popular on the photo-sharing site, not just for her sense of style but also for her blog Style Charade, has accused another user of using her style as a template for her photos without any attribution.

While Lake did not name the other account, Chicago magazine said that fans were quick to see that the other account is that of Rosie Clayton, who is reportedly a former friend of Lake. After being patient for a while, it looks like Lake finally gave up and wrote a long blog post titled "What to do when you're being copied on Instagram," in which she spoke about the account.

"I've taken immense steps to try and evolve the look and feel of my Instagram account to further differentiate myself and push the creative boundaries," Lake wrote. "Every time I pivot into new territory, the individual does the same soon thereafter."

She went on to add that she doesn't like bringing up issues like these and has been keeping quiet for three years, but has no more patience.

"This person has systematically copied my channel, captions, location concepts, and personal style for more than three years. I'm not talking about just a dress, a pose, a wall, etc. (although there's that too). It's about ongoing examples of copying (exact looks, images, and ideas)."

However, Clayton told the monthly magazine that people should be talking to Lake about the copying and not her. "I'm not connected with certain big fashion bloggers and I don't have a blog [like Lake]. Because I have less followers it looks like I'm the one copying," Clayton said.

She also said that there could be a chance that no one was really copying as a lot of the things that the two Intagrammers sport are just what's on trend and many people wear it. She also said that she was the one who started using captions with puns first and Lake followed.

While we aren't taking sides on who started the trend first and who's following whom, here are some images that prove how similar their photos and style are.