Dileep-Shafi team's latest movie "2 Countries" (Two Countries"), released on 25 December, has been tagged as a watchable comedy entertainer by critics and audience alike.

The movie marks the comeback of "My Boss" pair Dileep and Mamta Mohandas, who are seen as Ullas and Laya. The film also has Aju Varghese, Mukesh, Hareesh, Asokan, Srinda, Lena, Vinayaprasad, Jagadesh, Vijayaraghavan, Suraj Venjaramudu, Makarand Deshpandey and Isha Talwar in pivotal roles.

Even though it is said to be a typical Dileep film, some comic situations in the movie entertain the audience with Rafi's screenplay. While Gopi Sundar has composed the movie's music, cinematographer Santhana Krishnan has beautifully captured the beauty of Canada and Kerala with good visuals.

"Two Countries" is produced by Rejaputra Ranjith under the banner Rejaputra Visual Media.


Dileep plays the role of Ullas, a lazy person who thinks the best way to earn his daily bread is by marrying a rich girl. Even though he initially decides to marry a physically challenged girl (Isha Talwar) as her brother is a rich businessman, he later changes his mind after getting a marriage proposal from a Canada-based girl Laya, who was his childhood sweetheart, played by Mamta Mohandas. 

It is only after their marriage Ullas realised that Laya is an alcoholic as she has many family issues. However, the plot seems to be little similar to Dileep's previous outing "Life of Josutty" in which he shifts to New Zealand after his marriage.

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Mamta Mohandas tries to look real as a loud and uncouth person, but her effort shows and her discomfort is visible. Mukesh, who acts as a guide to Ullas teaching him about the ways of the foreign land, leaves a mark. He tells Ullas once that he should learn to make merry with his wife's earnings as he was leading a comfortable life while his wife worked hard as a lawyer. Two Countries is a standard Dileep fare, enjoy it if you are a fan of his, otherwise laugh on a few borrowed jokes.


There are some funny characters and incidents here and there, but it has all been done in a lazy manner. The frantic effort to make every situation comical is seen so often. Though some of the sequences remind you of their earlier hit together, My Boss, Dileep and Mamta have done their parts quite earnestly. Two Countries could have been better, but even in the current form it can make you laugh. And that is perhaps all that its makers wanted as well. If all you want is some fun without thinking much, buy a ticket for this one.

Lensman Review

Two countries is a typical Dileep movie with his usual style comedy and the humor in this film is in that similar zone of My Boss and Ring Master. Filled with dialogue humor and certain situational jokes, it offers you lots of moments to laugh if you are not much bothered about the storyline. With the screenplay and actors not overdoing the comedy, the okay content gets a boost in being a laugh riot. It's a movie that meets the expectation of the masses when they are in for a Dileep movie.


Comedy is the main ingredient of Two Countries though at a certain point as per the demands of the storyline situation takes a serious tone. Scripted by Shafi's elder brother Rafi, Two Countries has a screenplay that is trying to exploit the festive mood of the people here and has come out with flying colours in that mission. Though couple of things shown were questionable, it is a basic fact that in movies of this genre there are no questions involved. This movie is a perfect pick for audiences who love to laugh in this vacation season. "Watch Two Countries, and say No to stress and headache".


Two Countries is a perfect comeback for Shafi, the director, after a short hiatus. He has perfectly executed the well-written screenplay, and has used the talents in his star cast to the fullest. Rafi has made use of all possible comical situations with his script and the movie reminds the old classic comedies at certain points. It is a complete comical entertainer for those who loves out-and-out comedy films.