France burning building
In the pic grabed from the video on twitter one of the boys can be seen falling from the fire in Grenoble, France.Twitter

In a heart-stopping video, two children aged three and ten were miraculously saved when they jumped from the window of the fourth-floor apartment of the building that was on fire. The incident happened on Tuesday in Grenoble, 579 KM southeast of Paris, France.

The video that is now going on viral on social media, shows that one child is first dropped into the crowd as thick smoke billows out from the apartment.

A minute later, as the crowd that had gathered near the building calls on the second child to make the jump, the second child jumps on too.

Local media reports that both the children are safe and have been admitted to the hospital for inhalation of smoke.

Heroes were injured, broke their arms

However, two of the people who rescued the children have suffered broken arms and wrist, CNN quoted its affiliate BFM.

The Mayor of the Grenoble praised the locals for their heroism and congratulated them for saving the kids.

Lauding locals, Grenoble Mayor Éric Piolle wrote on Facebook, "I would like to congratulate the inhabitants of Villeneuve who made a heroic rescue of two children trapped in their burning apartment today."

Meanwhile, city authorities have decided to file a case against the parents of the children for negligence. The children were alone at the house when the fire out in their apartment.

As the parents were not supposed to leave young children unattended, they would have to face legal action.

"The mother had been absent from around 11 a.m. (5 a.m ET) when she went grocery shopping and the dad had left for work around 11.30. At first glance, the mum should have returned before the departure of the husband but was a bit late. The children were not allowed to be left alone," CNN's affiliate BFM reported state prosecutor Éric Vaillant saying.