After Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted about the UAE government alloting land to build the first-ever "Hindu Temple" in Abu Dhabi recently, the term became the most trending topic on Twitter.

The decision was made public on 16 August, the first day of Modi's two-day visit to the UAE.

While many lauded the prime minister for the "achievement" saying, "Narendra Modi can make impossible things possible, the only PM who can turn words into deed", his detractors were quick to prove him wrong, sharing the screenshot of a July 2013 story that appeared in The Times of India.

The screenshot showed the story headline as "Arab donates land for Swaminarayan temple in UAE".

The 2013 report suggests that a Muslim businessman had donated five acre land near a mosque to Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purushottam Swaminarayan Sanstha (BAPS) to build a Swaminarayan temple, which will have photos of Swaminarayan instead of idols.

However, it is not clear whether the land Modi referred to in his tweet is the same that was donated two years ago for the Hindu temple.

If it is the same land, how will it be the first temple in Abu Dhabi, asked many social media users, who have been creating memes against the PM for taking credit for the achievement.

Though there are two temples in Dubai--a Shiva temple and a Krishna temple--there is no temple in Abu Dhabi.

Check out some social media responses below:

Sumeru Roy Chaudhury

Some cockeyed bhakts are delighted & rejoicing that Modi has "achieved" the FIRST temple in UAE for MILLIONS of Hindus staying there. 

These semi-educated "morons" are unaware that

(i) there already exist 2 temples, one of Shiva and another of Krishna in UAE,

(ii) UAE already allotted land for temple, gurudwara & churches &

(iii) only 25% of the around 2 million Indians there are hindus & not "millionS". 50% are muslims, 25% christians