CPI leader Atul Anjan recently made headlines when he said Sunny Leone's condom advertisement will increase rape cases in India.

Addressing a rally at Uttar Pradesh's Ghazipur area, the politician said the porn star-turned-Bollywood actress features in vulgar films and he apparently "puked" once after watching her film.

"Switch on the idiot box and you will see woman called Sunny Leone. She is the heroine of the world's most vulgar movies. She was brought to India from Australia by film director Mahesh Bhatt. She has acted in pornographic films. I puked after watching her movie," Deccan Chronicle quoted Atul Anjan as saying.

Sunny Leone endorses a popular condom brand and the CPI leader says such ads sexually infect the minds of the viewers, thereby increasing rape cases.

"Nowadays, one of her advertisements is being telecast on national television,where she is seen lying down on a beach and promoting a condom brand. This advertisement develops sexually infected mindset and demolishes your sensibility. If such advertisements will continue to be shown on television then there will certainly be an increase in rape cases," he added.

Atul Anjan's remark set the Internet into a frenzy, with many Indians across the globe criticising the politicians on social media.

Meanwhile, a particular section on Twitter has come up with some funny tweets, trolling Atul Anjan for his comment on Sunny Leone's condom ad.

Although he apologised later saying he is not against condoms but against the language used in such ads, social media users started posting jokes and memes on Atul Anjan on Twitter.