Hashtag Zayn Malik trending over Germanwings crash has irked many on Twitter
Hashtag Zayn Malik trending over Germanwings crash has irked many on TwitterTwitter

The news of Zayn Malik quitting One Direction has left thousands of his fans in a state of shock. But what has appalled many others on Twitter is the fact that the trend Zayn Malik gained more popularity than the Germanwings crash that claimed 150 lives.

On social media many criticized the fact that instead of hashtags #Germanwings or #GermanWingsCrash, hastag #ZaynMalik was more popular.

Early on Wednesday, One Direction confirmed that Malik has left the band, but will continue their world tour and record a fifth album later this year.

Announcing his plan to leave the band, Malik said: "My life with One Direction has been more than I could ever have imagined. But, after five years, I feel like it is now the right time for me to leave the band. I'd like to apologise to the fans if I've let anyone down, but I have to do what feels right."

Since then, Twitter worldwide has been taken over by the Zayn Malik fans. There were also reports of fans breaking down and some even posted pictures of their slashed wrists to show their disappointment over Malik Leaving One Direction.

However, several Twitter users observed that Zayn Malik fans were mourning a guy who was still alive, and this when some 150 people lost their lives in the Germanwings crash.

Among those killed in Germanwings crash were 72 German nationals, 49 Spaniards, two British and two US citizens. Victims were also confirmed from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Colombia, Denmark, Iran, Israel, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands and Venezuela.

Here are some Twitter Reactions criticizing Zayn Malik fans:

elGee ‏@iamelGee 

people left earth for their eternities on #Germanwings ; no remorse... #ZaynMalik left 1D and you're having a meltdown?... 

Lemoy The Siamese ‏@lemoythesiamese

why is the plane crash NOT trending?!! people are more concerned with #ZaynMalik #Germanwings #GermanWingsCrash ..sick world we live in!!! 

#JayThePullGod ‏@ObeyTheRealKing 

Y'all Acting Like #ZaynMalik Died Along With The Other 150 People In That Plane Crash In Germany #Germanwings # 

osnapitzxtil ‏@foerstertil 

everyone is talking bout #ZaynMalik but what is with the crash of #Germanwings thats a bad story not that someone is leaving a band! 

Morgan Ginn ‏@morgan_ashley01 

Yesterday 150 people lost their life's in a #Germanwings plane crash and you think today is the worst day ever bcs #ZaynMalik left 1D? What? 

Wen Chuan Lee ‏@WenChuanLee 

I find it very perplexing that #ZaynMalik is a larger twitter trend than #Germanwings. He's not dead, just moving on from the group. 

William C Surrick ‏@WilliamCSurrick 

Why are more people concern that Zayn Maliki is leaving one direction than the airplane crash #Germanwings #ZaynMalik 

Nettie - Am Ben... ‏@AlexsJellybaby 

Instead of mourning zayn we should be mourning the teenagers who died in a plane crash on the way to Germany #ZaynMalik #Germanwings