Rahul Bose
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A day after director and actor Rahul Bose commented that the accused in the Delhi gang rape case should be given a chance to reform and create a 'gender warrior' in them, the twitterati showered abuses and anger over him.

"... We have to ask ourselves of the five or six of the rapists of the December 16 is there anyone who wants to change, who wants to reform... Nobody is saying about commuting any sentence, the sentence stands as it is but while it stands can we create a gender warrior among them?" Press Trust of India reported Bose as saying.

The actor made the statement while participating in the year-long "Ring The Bell" campaign launched by NGO Breakthrough, which seeks men around the globe to take action against gender-based violence.

Following his comment on the sensitive issue, Bose was slapped with criticism on Twitter. He continues to be among the top trends on the micro-blogging site.

Here are some of the tweets:

@calamur: "if men like Rahul Bose were groped and manhandled on a daily basis, they wouldn't come up turning rapists into 'gender warriors'"

@KiranKS: "Same Rahul Bose, along with Teesta Setalvad screamed "justice for ALL".. Suddenly Nirbhaya not a part of "ALL" :("

@Roflindian: "Then there was this Rahul Bose | Not garrulous, just verbose | Once in his pride | He took a rapist's side | And promptly lost his nose |"

@adimanubarwala: "Its funny how people living simple peaceful lives invite trouble & tormentation by speaking on issues dey r nt related to! #rahul bose"

@malviyamit: "@calamur He was only trying to sound intelligent and endear himself to the coterie of lunatics, read deluded liberals !"

@mojorojo: "This is the largest audience anything Rahul Bose has ever done has reached"

@SatanBhagat: "Even Wikipedia doesn't know who Rahul Bose is."

@HoeZaay: "I totally agree with everything Rahul Bose said after he stopped talking."

@Raja_Sw @Meetasengupta:"@calamur What's a "gender warrior" anyway? Somebody who defends a gender? Tried to google term but couldn't get an answer."

@namitabhandare: "Would #RahulBose say the same thing if his sister had been raped and killed?" asks the medical student's brother when I met him yesterday."

@justicearnab: "I Read somewhere that "u don't try to be so open minded that your brain falls out". Perfectly applicable to Mr. Bose"