Rahul Vs Kejri
Rahul Vs KejriReuters

Monday was a rare occasion for the infamous Twitter trolling culture, as two hashtags were trending simultaneously. While one grilled Rahul Gandhi with a torrent of difficult questions, the other one quizzed Arvind Kejriwal with similar flood of inquiries.

The unusual trend comes after Rahul slammed BJP's 'Politics of bloodshed' in a massive rally in Dehradun on Sunday. Aam Aadmi Party chief Kejriwal also launched his national campaign from Haryana starting with a rally in Rohtak.

While many Twitter users are concerned about the commonplace problems baffling the political and social spheres in India, many of them have taken the opportunity to target the two men who have been equally controversial for more than a few reasons.

The social media have targeted Rahul's alleged 'intellectual inability' to be a Prime Minister, after he appeared unable to answer most of the questions in a much talked-about Times Now interview with Arnab Goswami. It was an incident where people counted the number of times Rahul uttered words like "RTI" and "woman empowerment"in defence of almost all the questions asked to him.

Meanwhile, Kejriwal, the anti-corruption stalwart, has not been far behind in terms of controversies of late. Right from calling himself an 'anarchist' to falsely claiming that the level of corruption had come down in Delhi during his 49-day rule and fiercely defending his law minister Somnath Bharti, who had allegedly made racist and sexist comments during the infamous Khirki Extension midnight raid, Kejriwal does have several questions to answer.

But as always, Twitterati are better known for asking weird and funny questions rather than sensible ones.

Here is a look at the top 5 weirdest questions asked to Rahul and Kejriwal.

Questions to Rahul Gandhi:

Questions to Arvind Kejriwal: