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Actor Abhishek Bachchan's Twitter war with comedian Karan Talwar has gone viral and the interesting part of the fight is that Kamaal R Khan aka KRK has come to the actor's rescue.

The argument started when Karan Talwar, the man behind Bollywood G***u, sarcastically took Abhishek's name in his tweet.

He tweeted three questions: "Life is not about answers but questions. Where is my career going? Am I making enough money? Why am I still following @juniorbachchan?"

To this, the "All Is Well" actor gave him a fitting reply: "Here are the answers: 1. Nowhere 2. For your skill set? Hell yeah! 3. I don't know. I unfollowed you years ago."

Karan is popular for his stand up comedy act and sarcastic statements about Bollywood stars. But it seems his take on Abhishek didn't go down well with the actor and also irked his followers.

The Bachchan lad politely, with his way of sarcasm, responded to Karan's tweets. Take a look below:

Now the interesting part of this Twitter war is that KRK, who is infamous for his Twitter fights due to his weird comments on Bollywood stars, tweeted in favor of Jr. Bachchan. Later, the actor thanked the former "Bigg Boss" contestant for his support.

This is not the first time that Abhishek has taken a stand and slammed his haters. In June, he took down a Twitter user who posted a meme of Aaradhya. Now, Twitterati should think twice before posting anything related to the "Dhoom" star.