Kim Campbell
Twitter trolls former Canadian prime minister Kim Campbell for criticizing women in sleeveless dressesReuters

A former Canadian prime minister has invited the ire of people around the world after criticizing female TV anchors for wearing sleeveless dresses on air.

Kim Campbell, who served as the PM of Canada from June to November 1993, made the comment on a tweet, and said that these dresses were demeaning to women. She said that women who wear sleeveless dresses "undermine [their] credibility and gravitas."

"I am struck by how many women on television news wear sleeveless dresses- often when sitting with suited men. I have always felt it was demeaning to the women and this suggests that I am right. Bare arms undermine credibility and gravitas!" Campbell tweeted.

In her tweet, she also added a link to a blog post by US communication coach Nick Morgan. In the blogpost, Morgan writes: "Apparently, we humans are pretty simple creatures. If you show up in front of us with skin exposed, we're going to think about your body. If you're wearing lots of clothing, we're going to think about your mind."

After the tweet appeared, critics lashed out at Campbell and said that it is up to the anchor what she wears and that people must not be judged on the basis of their attire.

A critic pointed out that Michelle Obama often wore sleeveless outfits and people still loved her for the person she was. Another Twitter user also said that Campbell seems to have forgotten that she herself posed for a provocative photograph in 1990.

The micro-blogging site has now been abuzz with people saying that Campbell must not make comments like these and how such posts "undermine her credibility."

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