Twitter introduces Bing Powered translation service
Twitter introduces Bing Powered translation serviceScreenshot/Twitter for Android

Twitter has announced several new features in its latest Android app update. The most interesting and important one is a translation tool, which will translate tweets written in different language, to your preferred language.

In an official tweet, Twitter has explained that the service will be powered by Microsoft-developed Bing Translator that will enable users to translate tweets and interact.

However, for using the service, users need to first log in to their Twitter accounts through a desktop or laptop computer. After logging in successfully, they need to enable the Tweet Translation check box in the 'Account Settings' menu. Then, whenever a tweet appears on the timeline of the users in a language other than English or the default language, a globe icon will appear. Once users tap on it, Twitter will display the translated tweet in their preferred language.

The Bing Translator currently supports more than 40 language pairs. However, it may not be able to produce the correct translation every time and that is why the original text will also appear above the translated tweet. Contextually, a third party Twitter app naming TweetDeck already features the translation ability.

To avail the service, all you need to do is install the Twitter app or upgrade from the Official Google Play store.