Twitter announced on its blog on Wednesday that it has made changes to the site to make it more user-friendly. It has introduced a new way to let the users discover content easily.

Twitter New Page

Users can now discover more interactive experiences inside any Tweet on and They can see content previews, view images, play videos and more, when they expand Tweets containing links to partner websites.

"You've probably expanded Tweets before to play videos from YouTube or see photos from Instagram. Now, a diverse and growing group of new partners like the The Wall Street Journal, Breaking News, and TIME also deliver rich content inside Tweets containing a link to those websites," wrote Michael Sippey, Director, Product Team, Twitter.

Michael Sippey said that the latest change brought about by Twitter will help its users access the content of the tweets easily.

"It's easier than ever to discover breaking news and bylines. When you expand a Tweet linking to a news article by The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle or Der Spiegel Online, you can see a preview with the headline, the introduction and sometimes the Twitter accounts of the publisher and writer. You can continue to read the article, follow these accounts, and reply, favorite or retweet the Tweet," he wrote.

The users can even watch moments from their favourite television shows and play video from partners like Lifetime and Dailymotion.

Michael Sippey also said this easy new way of discovering content from the web has begun rolling out on and He added that it will soon come to Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for Android.

Twitter is an online social networking service and microblogging site created by Jack Dorsey in March 2006. It enables the users to send text or tweet up to 140 characters. Today, it has over 140 million active users and generates over 340 million tweets daily.