Justin Beiber
WATCH Justin Bieber Roast Live Stream Online Free Via Comedy Central Tonight.

The long wait will come to an end today (Tuesday) when Comedy Central finally telecasts the Roast of Justin Bieber at 10 pm. Since the show had been pre-recorded, it will be an edited version of the full show.

But edited or not, seasoned stand-up comedians like Kevin Hart, Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart and others have put their best put forward to make the roast of the 21-year-old pop-star. Roast master Kevin Hart and other roasters confirmed that they take a dig at Bieber and indeed vent it out with their jokes. From his crazy antics to arrest, Bieber had been roasted with all his stories in the recent past. His modelling campaign for Calvin Klein has also not been spared.

"It's cool to be able to laugh at yourself. I've done things in my life that might not have been the greatest decisions. I want to be able to laugh about these things and own up to some of them," Bieber told USA Today.

But his fans (Beliebers, as they call themselves) have taken the roast seriously, as several of them have posted on Twitter that they are disappointed at someone taking a dig at their idol.

Hart was asked by fans on Twitter to be good to Bieber at the roast. "My timeline is full of 'don't hurt him, Kevin, don't you hurt Justin.' It's full of a bunch of teenage girls threatening me," Kevin said. "'If you do we'll march on you.'"

The program, which was filmed earlier this month, has been done for one reason: "to hold one of the world's biggest teen idols over an open flame," according to Comedy Central, as roasts have been a semi-annual staple on the network for more than a decade.

Other celebrities who have been 'roasted' on the show include Joan Rivers, William Shatner, David Hasselhoff, and Donald Trump. Even James Franco and Charlie Sheen have been brave enough to take on the roast.

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