Former "Bigg Boss" contestant Kushal Tandon recently tweeted about how Bollywood actress Ameesha Patel disrespected the National Anthem.

The two were in a movie hall, where Kushal noticed that Ameesha did not stand up when the National Anthem was being played. This offended him and he took to his Twitter handle to express his views.

"Wel was watching this movie at Pvr Juhu .Had a last row, the national anthem was on bang on down my seat on the next row .Opp me Saw one girl sitting wile the anthem was on .And every one was standing up ..I was like who is she y is she not standing up wile the anthem is on May be she is not wel? Or may be handicapped .? But then I saw.. she was super normal checking on her mobile wile every one was standing up due to respect for r national anthem ...... Guess who she was ...... dear Amisha Patel .... Wow .... Y .... Wat were u trying to prove ? . Jsad," tweeted Kushal.

As soon as the post started trending on social media, the "Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai" actress replied to it.

She clarified by saying that she was dealing with the "monthly girly problem" and thus, didn't get up.

Not only this, she accused the former "Bigg Boss" contestant of tweeting such posts to gain publicity.

After all these accusations, Kushal 'hopefully' ended the fight by giving a perfect reply.