Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan at an award show.Varinder Chawla

Twitter erupted on Friday calling for the removal of actor Shah Rukh Khan as the brand ambassador of Reliance Jio. The hashtag #JioRemoveSRK trended after Twitterati argued about whether the actor should be the face of the brand or not. 

Many people called the actor anti-nationalist and said that the only reason they did not get a sim card was because Khan was the ambassador. However, fans of the actor responded with #JioOnlyForSRK saying that he made India famous even before PM Modi. There were numerous other arguments in his favour. 

The Twitter spar got pretty intense with people calling the megastar "traitor" and his fans responding with tweets like: "He is the best brand ambassador and Indian India'll ever get. #JioOnlyForSRK."

Many also targeted the actor for being a Muslim and said that he should "return to Saudi Arabia - birthplace of Islam." On the other hand, people supporting the actor used humour to disarm the aggressive trollers. 

"Let's take a moment and thank all the 'nationalists' who ported out from #RelianceJio cuz I'm not getting the same high speed #JioOnlyForSRK," one Twitter user said.