vijay mallya
Loan defaulter and industrialist Vijay MallyaTwitter/Vijay Mallya

Indian industrialist Vijay Mallya's "good times" seems to be at an end after the Scotland Yard arrested him in London on Tuesday after India's months-long campaign for his arrest. He had evaded repeated summons from the Supreme Court in the loan default case against him. 

Mallya was also granted bail, after which he tweeted on Tuesday saying, "Usual Indian media hype. Extradition hearing in Court started today as expected." However, the arrest is a start towards making the loan defaulter pay up the thousands of crores he has so far not paid the banks.

While Mallya tweeted about how court hearing being on expected lines, his earlier tweets about about Bahrain Grand Prix, showed a very casual and an unprepared Mallya for what was to come.   

After media reported on Mallya's arrest Twitter erupted with jokes on how Mallya was out on bail within an hour of his arrest. One Twitter user joked how Mallya was out on bail before Indians found out about it.