Maneka Gandhi
Pictured: Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi.IANS File Photo

Twitter is currently witnessing a raging debate on if Women and child development minister Maneka Gandhi was right in shaming and abusing an official, who has been accused of corruption in Uttar Pradesh.

Gandhi was attending a public meeting in Baheri city of UP and was told about the official, who is said to have taken bribes. Caught on camera, the union minister is seen getting furious at the official and rebuking him for his deeds.

"Humans survive on respect not money. You are fat like a b*****d and have the cheek to take bribe," she is heard saying in Hindi.

 Gandhi also slammed the officer for not fulfilling his duties. 

She then spoke of the 2019 elections and said that people must vote for good governance. She said that her main focus lies in three areas --  toilets in all the houses, good roads, and electrification. 

While several Twitter users seem to agree with Gandhi and believe that such people must be shamed and brought to books, several others have slammed the union minister for talking about his weight.