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Micro-blogging site Twitter on Thursday moved a San Francisco federal court against companies that allegedly abet spamming.

In a complaint, Twitter accused five companies for allegedly preparing tools that automatically post messages and follow people, known as twitterbots.

The companies that are accused of helping the spammers are TweetAttacks, TweetAdder, TweetBuddy, James Lucero and Garland Harris. The micro-blogging site alleged that the mentioned companies are the major offenders in the Twitter spamming racket.

Commenting on the same, Twitter in its blog post said, "Our engineers continue to combat spammers' efforts to circumvent our safeguards, and today we're adding another weapon to our arsenal: the law. "

The growing popularity is quite an enough reason to make Twitter an attractive target for perpetrators in cyber space.

Twitter has taken several steps to tackle the spamming menace. Fearing that the spam racket could actually play a spoilsport on site's developing image and have a bad impact on the legitimate users the micro-blogging site has sought for legal assistance to curb the spamming.

"By shutting down tool providers, we will prevent other spammers from having these services at their disposal. Further, we hope the suit acts as a deterrent to other spammers, demonstrating the strength of our commitment to keep them off Twitter," said a Twitter blog post.

Further, it has said that Twitter will not end the combat against the spammers after filing a lawsuit. However, the site engineers will develop solution against the spammers and take all the proactive measures to tackle this challenge.

Last week, Twitter executed an anti-spam measure to firewall the spammers.

Popular social networking site Facebook and search-giant Google too have been victims to the spammers and taken the offenders to court.