Congress president Rahul Gandhi left members of Congress and the opposition party in shock after he strode past the Lok Sabha Speaker's chair and gave a hug to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The Modi-led government had definitely expected all forms of criticism during its first no-confidence motion in four years, which is being held at the Parliament, but a hug from Rahul was definitely not on the cards.

rahul modi hug
Rahul Gandhi hugged Modi.ANI

Rahul went and hugged the PM after claiming that he had no hatred toward BJP.

Though the unexpected hug came as a surprise to Modi, he reciprocated to it by shaking hands with the Congress president and even whispered a few words into his ears. Rahul was later caught winking at his party members after he returned to his seat.

BJP even took to Twitter to thank Congress for the "entertainment."

Meanwhile, it has become a hot topic of discussion on the social media, with many people referring to Rahul's hug as "Jaadu ki jhappi."