Twitch Plays Zelda
Twitch Plays Zelda was programmed by a Twitch user.Twitch TV

After the immense success of Twitch Plays Pokemon following live-steaming and controlling the game via commands in comment section, a Twitch user transformed The Legend of Zelda into a multiplayer online co-op version titled Twitch Plays Zelda.

Zach Gerlock, a Twitch user was able to programme an emulator for The Legend of Zelda where other people who are logged in can control the game by entering commands in the comment section of the live video streaming website, Twitch.

Gerlock was also accused of 'stealing' from Twitch Plays Pokemon. He responded by to this by saying: "The point of this stream was as a personal challenge, as well as an evolution of the Twitch Plays concept,"

"My goal was to find a game that the concept does not naturally work for, but might still be possible to complete. I knew this would require some outside intervention, at least in the form of cheats, but finding solutions to these problems is part of the fun," he said.

Twitch Plays Pokemon, became a phenomenal success garnering nearly 6.5 million total views and the number keeps growing. The channel features the original Pokemon Red for Game Boy. This has given rise to imitations like Twitch Plays Pokemon: Crystal Version and Twitch Plays Pokemon Plays Tetris. The live streaming was also brought to the notice of Guinness World Records as it had around 70,000 - 80,000 people playing the game simultaneously.

The Legend of Zelda is a Japanese action - adventure video game, which was released initially on 21 February 1986 and the latest release was The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds on 22 November, 2013.