Pokemon X and Y
Pokemon X and Y was released on 12 October, 2013Facebook

After conquering Pokemon, 'Twitch Plays Pokemon' has already laid claim to the Kalos region of 'Pokemon X,' and this phenomenon is not on an emulated version but can be played on a modded 3DS.

Players playing 'Twitch Plays Pokemon' will be delighted to find that they can play the 'Pokemon X' on a modded Nintendo 3DS.

'Twitch Plays Pokemon' has been phenomenal. Started as a social project with a Twitch channel that allows players (also known as audience) to make their moves in the game by using the in-game chats. Commands are entered in the chat dialog box and the game is live streamed. Later players started to stream the original 'Pokemon Red,' which attracted millions of viewers. Once it was completed, players moved on to other entries.

Though initially thought that 'Twitch Plays Pokemon' will not be able to come to 'Pokemon X,' it has eventually come, thanks to the modded 3DS, Attack of the Fanboy reported.  It is also the first time in the Twitch channel's history that players were able to use original hardware, Nintendo 3DS. This hardware usage has allowed the online functionality to be intact.

Though chaotic, it will be great fun playing the game, owing to the fact that 3DS has touch screen features for controls. So players need not have to enter the on-screen coordinates when they want to navigate.

It was pointed by Joystiq, a video gaming news website, that players were able to trade Lady Helix and this was possible because of the usage of original hardware giving them access to network functions in the game. Reports also point out that with the 3DS's Wi-Fi on, players will now be able to make Wonder Trades.

Watch live video from TwitchPlaysPokemon on www.twitch.tv

At the time of reporting, more than 1,200 people were watching the game and the total views had exceeded 63 million.

The game is being streamed by an individual, witch_plays_3ds (aka dekuNukem), who had created an automator that would assist in finding rare Pokemon. He later perfected his systems, which have been able to breed and clone between two games, Guardian Liberty Voice reported.

(YouTube Courtesy: dekuNukem)

"I'm always thinking of other games that could be adapted to an automated Twitch stream but I don't think Twitch Plays Pokemon's style of input would work with any genre that isn't a JRPG, so I'm thinking of a different input style that would be compatible with a wider range of genres," dekuNukem told Polygon.

He also modded 3DS, which is the reason why the game is now on Twitch. This will mean that now players will also be able to stream and play other 3DS games. Twitch Plays Pokemon X is being played from 27 July.