The lockdown is turning out to be a time for family bonding. As the lockdown continues, new innovative ways to keep entertained need to be found. Celebrities too are using this time bond and lay back. 

Twinkle Khanna and Mira Rajput also turned models for their little ones, as their daughters gave them a make-over. Even during the lockdown, there are some parlours that still seem to be running. Their photos, are sure to brighten up your day. 

Twinkle Khanna and Mira Rajput

Twinkle Khanna and Mira Rajput receive special makeovers from their kids

The lockdown has ensured that parlours and salons are shut. For many, this is a hindrance to their personal grooming. Some have found their own, quick-fix and temporary solutions. Celebrities too are sprucing up and engaging in some form of grooming. While lengthy photo shoots will have to wait, there are some little helpers to assist their mothers.

Twinkle Khanna received a makeover from her daughter Nitara and took to Instagram to share the results. In her caption, the author wrote, "The little one has given me a fine makeover. Brows on fleek and all that jazz." You may agree or disagree but it's still cute.

Mira Rajput, on the other hand, received some hair care from her daughter Misha. Mira shared her experience on her Instagram story, she even shared her parlour reading. It seems like she got the whole deal. 

Mira Rajput Instagram story

This lockdown has been downtime for celebs, and the social media game has been on point. At least some of us are getting makeovers, like many of us are going to need them once the situation blows over.