Everybody has their reasons and considerations before they get married, who are we to judge? Doesn't mean sometimes the process can't be funny. When Mrs Funnybones herself revealed that she made a list before she married Akshay Kumar. 

At her book launch, Akshay Kumar while discussing Twinkle and her eccentricities, asked her to share how she had made a genetic list, so to speak, before her marriage. Let's just say her approach to marriage might have given many their own ideas. 

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna's list before she married Akshay

Before getting married people may make lists, what to buy, who to invite, and the like. We would think not many would make a list of genetic history and health concerns of their partner. While it may be crude, it makes some sense in this day and age. 

At the book launch of Mrs Funnybones, Karan Johar, Akshay Kumar and Aamir Khan all took the opportunity to get candid about Twinkle Khanna. The author has been known to pull everyone's led from time to time. In fact, Aamir Khan even talked about her ability to insult. 

Karan Johar called Akshay on stage to talk about Twinkle Khanna and what it's like being married to her. He didn't leave any details out when he said the rule was that she is always right, despite her firm disagreement. Then he asked her to recount the list she made before they got married. 

When she spoke, she called her actions, "common sense," she also said she made a list of what diseases run in his family, considering that she might have children with him. Aamir Khan cut in to say that he thought he was crazy. Twinkle had hidden the list in a drawer but Akshay ended up finding it, "So he was like, that's why you were asking me at what age my uncle lost his hair, who has Cancer in my family. I'd keep asking him." 

Karan Johar spoke for many in the audience when he said, "That's seriously twisted Tina." He also asked whether after all that Akshay had passed, and Twinkle pointed to the obvious that she had two children with him. Twinkle called it being practical, perhaps it was. It might be something many will do before they get married.