Twinkle Khanna
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Author-producer and former actress Twinkle Khanna recalls how she learnt sewing, painting and knitting while growing up.

While she picked up these skills at her grandmother's place as a child, Twinkle took to Instagram to post a video capturing how she tried her hand at embroidery after almost 20 years.

"While growing up in my Grandmother's house, we all learnt to paint, sew and knit. After twenty years I am trying my hand at embroidery again, struggling but trying. I can still hear my Nani's voice echoing in my head, 'Tina, don't do untidy work'," Twinkle captioned the clip.

Twinkle loves to put up regular posts on social media. Recently, she shared banter-filled tweets with hubby Akshay Kumar.

Last month, she uploaded a candid photograph of herself sleeping on the sofa. The candid picture was clicked by her son Aarav.

"My son crept up and took this picture today. The little one and I were meant to be studying and reading together when I have fallen asleep with a pencil in my hand! Is it just me going through this peculiar phase where everyday around 4pm the brain just fogs up? #IWillGetYouForThisBhatiaBoy," she wrote.