Twilight wedding
Twilight weddingInstagram/ Lauren Cullen

Fandoms, especially that of cult movie series such as "Twilight" has always been intense. The heroes of these universally popular films are not unfamiliar with screaming fans and heartfelt wedding proposals- but for a "Twilight" fan to actually wed Edward Cullen- or rather, his cardboard cut-out is something Robert Pattinson wouldn't have anticipated in a million years.

On 30 January 2013, Lauren Adkins was married to the cardboard cut-out of Robert Pattinson in a "lovely, quick and simple" Las Vegas wedding, Las Vegas Weekly reported. The bride wore a stunning white lace gown and her gold hair was pinned back. Holding a bouquet of roses that were as red as her lipstick, she walked across the alter in synch with a synthesized version of "Here Comes the Bride", to reach her groom who was uncharacteristically, or actually quite understandably quiet.

Adkins had reportedly raised over $1,235 by crowd-funding on the website indiegogo for her "Twilight" Wedding. Before you judge her and those who donated for the "Twilight" wedding, it was also Adkins' Master of Fine Arts final thesis exhibition.The "Twilight" wedding or Adkins' thesis, focuses on the female escapist fantasy in popular forms, especially in finding true love.

"I've looked at this fantasy primarily through a pop cultural lens; that is I've used film & television's representations of the love story and female characters in general in an attempt to understand my own expectations of romantic love. Because of personal attachment to and experience with this fantasy or quest, which took a particularly strong hold of me when I discovered the intensely popular 'Twilight Saga', my thesis exhibition will touch on romantic expectation primarily through the main love interest, Edward Cullen," Adkins mentions in the fundraiser page

The Las Vegas wedding ceremony was recorded as well as broadcast live on the internet and exhibited at the wedding reception. Reception elements were accompanied by "sculptural objects, photographs, video, and audio pieces that are evidence of the emotional and physical hurdles I've faced in undertaking this project."

Adkins' "Twilight Wedding"/thesis received much attention on the internet and is still a popular topic of discussion, especially when speaking of the weird weddings in the world. Moreover, her Instagram name is still Laurenne Adkins Cullen. 

This has propelled another Lauren Adkins on Twitter to clarify upfront that "I am not quite as interesting as the Lauren Adkins who married a cardboard cut out of Edward Cullen."

Edward Cullens
Edward CullensInstagram/ Lauren Cullen

Every year since the wedding Adkins has been receiving this picture as a reminder of her Las Vegas wedding. "For my husband w/snake fangs" she posted on Instagram.