Narendra Modi
Narendra ModiReuters

Gujarat Chief Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) election campaign chief Narendra Modi said on micro-blogging site Twitter that the retweets by his followers in different language 'touched his heart'.

Modi opened Twitter accounts in major regional languages like Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Oriya, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, and Bangla along with his English one. Modi aims to connect with a nationwide audience before the next year polls, especially voters from big states like Uttar Pradesh.

"Glad to see my Tweets in different languages. I thank friends for creating these Twitter profiles. These efforts touched my heart," Modi posted on Twitter on Saturday morning.

Modi, who is being projected as the next prime ministerial candidate by the BJP, admitted that he doesn't understand all the languages that his followers retweet.

"I do not understand all languages but am sure these Tweets in different languages will go a long way in reaching out to people across India," he tweeted.

However, the Gujarat CM warned his followers to be cautious while translating his tweets to another language, hinting how his 'puppy remark' in a Reuters interview led to a media and political frenzy.

"I would also urge friends Tweeting in various languages to ensure that there is no error in translation so that they are not misinterpreted," he said.

Meanwhile, BJP has yet to clear his name as the proposed candidate for next year's Lok Sabha elections. When BJP President Rajnath Singh was asked on Friday whether the party will finally declare its candidate before the 2014 polls, he told Indian Express, "Yeh sawaal aap Congress se poochhiye. Hamara to clear hai (You ask this question to the Congress. Our choice is clear)."

The pressure indeed has now shifted towards Congress high command Sonia Gandhi to declare the party's 2014 election candidate but the party is reluctant to do so though Rahul Gandhi has been touted as their next prime ministerial candidate by many.

"We do not have a presidential form of government. Congress party does not declare PM or CM candidates before elections.... Even in the Karnataka Assembly elections we had not declared any CM candidate," Congress General Secretary Digvijaya Singh told PTI.