Humor is infectious and when doubled with a dose of social media, the sound of roaring laughter becomes far more contagious. Putting this to practice is &TV with its latest offering "Happy Hours" that brings to the viewers double the fun, laughter, comedy, parody and much more.

Produced by Essel Vision, the tongue-in-cheek comedy is all set to entertain the audience through skits, gags, public opinions and inimitable characters that will have them in splits starting from Aug.29, one hour special episode at 7:00 p.m. and Aug.30 onwards every Monday-Friday at 07:30 p.m. only on &TV.

In an era where people have synced their lives to their phones and Internet is a one stop destination for being social, "Happy Hours" will bring forth content and conversations based on social Media which will amaze and enthral the audience. Hosted by the versatile Monica Murthy known for her mimicry (especially her enactment of Kangana Ranaut which has over 5 lakhs views online) and the multi-talented and renowned RJ turned actor Abhimanyu Kak, "Happy Hours" promises to give audience a break from the monotony of life and take audience on a laughter ride every evening.

Talking about hosting the show Monica said: "Happy Hours is my first show on TV as an anchor and it definitely excites me. It is a new genre for me and I am all ready to tickle the audience's funny bones. The concept of the show demonstrates how we are immensely connected to social media. I am very excited to try a variation in my career and also we have a wonderful team at Essel Vision along with my co-actors."

Speaking about his journey from an RJ to an anchor Abhimanyu said: "I found the concept really amazing and Happy Hours is the need of the hour. When I got the opportunity to anchor the show I was excited and nervous at the same time. Since radio has been my life for the past 12 years, the best part is people only hear your voice and on television you need to look presentable since everything is noticed on the camera, hence the excitement and the nervousness. The main projection of our show is humour with incorporation of social media. We hope the audience enjoys the show."

Joining the hosts will be unique characters like the Social Baba played by Jaswant Singh, Miss Trendy played by Pooja Mishra and artists like Paritosh Tripathi, Isha Uppal, Swati Bakshi, Praveen Hingonia, Surinder Anugral and Abhay Pratap Singh in various relatable characters.