Rupali Ganguly attacked by bikers
Rupali Ganguly attacked by bikersRupali Ganguly Twitter

In a shocking incident, two people attacked TV actress Rupali Ganguly after she mistakenly slightly scratched her car against their bike. The bikers broke her car window, leaving the actress injured.

The incident happened at Bharat Nagar Singnal junction in Andheri (West), Mumbai in morning hours. Rupali was driving her 5-year-old son to school, and a caretaker was also sitting in the car.

The actress's car mistakenly touched a bike, which irked the two riders so much that they started hurling abuses to Rupali. Although she apologised for the mistake, one of the riders went ahead and broke one window glass by punching it.

While this left the actress bleeding from her arms as glass pieces hit her, she immediately escaped the spot when the attackers were about to break the glass towards her son's side. Rupali right away made a police complaint, following which the duo got arrested.

Rupali narrated the entire incident, and pictures of the damaged car on social media. In her ordeal, the actress further stated that not a single man came to her help when the two culprits attacked her.

"For the first time in my life I experienced #RoadRage!2 #Hooligans on a bike smashed my car window and kept hurling abuses at me in front of my 5yr old son!I dint note down the number or even take their pics-my only agenda was to get my petrified child n his caretaker to safety! [sic]," she tweeted.

"#spiritofmumbai does not exist!!!! The people just stood there watching two women and a child being attacked in a car being by two #scums!I was on my way to drop my son to school at 8.20am! They all just stood and saw the #tamasha! Not one person came to help or intervene!! [sic]," she added.

Rupali also thanked Mumbai police for acting instantly on the case, and nabbing the two in just few hours.