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the Xbox One's new controller has eight small vibration motors to enhance force feedback. (Reuters)Reuters

Like Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One users can download the system's day-one update through an offline mode via USB stick.

As announced back in June, the Xbox One console is practically unusable without its day-one update, which brings in the new version of software and additionally ensures proper working of certain applications in the console.

The day-one patch will reportedly be launched along with the console, but one can perform an offline update using a USB stick.

Tipped as Emergency Offline Update (EOU), following are three easy steps to successfully install the update.

Note: The EOU can be performed only if the console is having any trouble downloading the update from Xbox Live.

What the user needs:

-A USB flash drive formatted as NTFS with minimum 2GB space.

-A PC with an Internet connection and a USB port.

Step 1: On the Xbox One Console

Before the update, the user needs to know which OS version is running on the console.

-Press Xbox button and return to Home page.

-Menu > Settings (Or select Settings from the Home page) > System > Console info > OS version can be seen third row down.

[Note: In case users are in the middle of the system update and need to know the current OS version, they can pull both triggers and both bumpers on the controller. The OS version will be listed a Build in the second line.]

Step 2: On the Computer

-Plug in the USB flash drive into the USB port on the computer.

-Format the USB as NTFS (Must have 2GB space available).

-The user would have to select the correct OS version to be able to install the updates properly (The links have been provided below)

-Click Save to save the .zip file on the computer.

-Unzip the file. Copy the contents from the .zip file to the root directory of the flash drive.

-Unplug the flash drive from the pc.

Step 3: On the Xbox One Console

-Unplug the network cable if using a wired network connection.

- Power off the console and unplug the power cord to ensure the console has been completely switched off.

-Wait for 30 seconds and plug the power cord back in.

-Plug the flash drive into a USB port on the console and press+ hold the BIND and EJECT buttons and Power On.

-Continue holding it for 10-15 seconds.

-Listen for two "power-up" tones a couple of seconds apart.

[Note: If the user doesn't hear the power-up tones, it means that the process has been failed. Likewise if any "power-down" sounds are heard, it means that the installation process has failed.]

-Release the BIND and EJECT buttons after the tones.

-Remove the USB after the console restarts.

-Once the console restarts, the update is complete.

[Note: The console restart may take several minutes.]

The links mentioned in the Step 2 of the process can be accessed from the Xbox Support page.

[Disclaimer: The above mentioned steps are not guaranteed to work exactly as stated. International Business Times would not be responsible for any loss of data from the device while implementing the steps. For details, users can question Xbox Support website or can see for more details in the above mentioned link.]